About Us

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At Of The Earth Superfoods, we exist to bring people naturally nutrient-dense foods that have been traditionally used for their medicinal qualities by many ancient cultures. Our large, exciting range of natural products has been passionately created to elevate energy and enhance health.

We take care that our products are certified organic, and use absolutely no GM, artificial ingredients or additives.

We walk the talk by using these foods in our diet everyday. That’s how we spotted a need for ready-to-use blends; breakfast pots and instant drink mixes – answering the call for convenience without compromising on quality ingredients.

Yes, ‘superfoods’ are just foods with impressively high levels of micronutrients, but we truly believe that it helps us prevents common diseases and prefer this taking fortified tablets daily. Eating these special fruits, seeds and vegetables is a delicious way of keeping the body energised and in tip-top shape.

All our products are carefully hand-packed in the UK by Alara Wholefoods, a manufacturer striving to be ‘the most sustainable food manufacturer on Earth by 2018’. They run their machinery using energy made from the solar panels on their roof and even have a permaculture forest garden and the biggest inner city grapevine around their King’s Cross Factory!